The Feel+® Programme

The Feel+ programme is a support programme for men with prostate cancer who are receiving hormonal treatment.

Participating in the programme will help you take control of your life with the disease and provide guidance on how to become more physically active. Moreover you will be given tips on improving the food choices that you make, and how talking about the disease can help you and your loved ones cope with the disease.

How Can The Programme Help You?

Receiving hormone therapy, as with any medicine, can cause unwanted effects. Many of these can by reduced or counteracted by the lifestyle changes suggested within the Feel+ programme.

Remember that it may take time to see the benefits of the lifestyle changes suggested by the programme and that you should not try to do everything at once. Take things slowly and ensure that you talk to your doctor or nurse before participating in the programme, as some of the changes suggested to your eating habits or the physical exercise habits may not be appropriate for you. Together with your doctor and nursing team you can discuss what is right for you.

Who Developed The Feel+ Programme?

The Feel+ Programme was developed in collaboration with Professor Bertrand Tombal of Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc in Brussels Belgium, a specialist in the treatment of prostate cancer, with the support of Ferring.

Ferring gratefully acknowledge the work of Professor Tombal, as well as all the doctors, nursing staff, physiotherapists, patients and others at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc who have supported the Feel+ programme.

Feel+ is endorsed by Europa Uomo – The European Prostate Cancer Coalition.

The JAMES® exercises, which form the physical activity component of the Feel+ programme were developed by Mr Eddy Kuypers, a sports coach based in Belgium. The JAMES method is designed to comply with recommendations for physical activity set by Belgian, European and North American health authorities and the exercises selected for the Feel+ programme were based on the needs and abilities of patients.

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