Suppleness Exercises

There are seven recommended suppleness exercises for you to perform. Remember to perform these exercises slowly and painlessly while breathing regularly. Do not pull too hard and hold your final position for 10 to 20 seconds.

General Information

  • Work slowly and without causing yourself any pain
  • Do not pull too hard
  • Breathe regularly
  • Hold the positions for 10 to 20 seconds

Exercise 1

  • Put your hand higher than your shoulder
  • Swivel round very slowly

While standing, put one hand on a wall a little higher than your shoulder. Your arm is stretched out. Then swivel round slowly to extend the pectoralis major. Do not forget the other side.

Exercise 2

  • Keep your feet parallel
  • Push your heel backwards

Put one foot in front and the other behind to stretch out the calf of the back leg. Align your shoulders, your hips and the heel of your back leg carefully.

Exercise 3

  • Place your heel against your buttock
  • Bend your supporting leg a little
  • Tuck in your stomach

Place your heel against your buttock, bend your leg slightly to the ground and then move your knee back, keeping your stomach tucked in.

Exercise 4

  • Place your heel on the chair
  • Keep the trunk of your body firm and tilted slightly forwards
  • Stretch out your leg

Place one heel on the chair with your leg bent. Whilst keeping the trunk of your body firm, tilt your trunk slightly forwards whilst breathing out and then stretch out your leg as necessary.

Exercise 5

  • Spread both legs out in front of you
  • Straighten your back out

While sitting down, spread both legs out in front of you, either slowly stretched or slightly bent. Keep your back straight as you push down on your arms behind you.

Exercise 6

  • Cross one bent leg over the opposite, outstretched leg
  • Place your right hand on your left knee
  • Swivel round slowly to the left

Sit down with one leg outstretched and the other bent. Put your opposite hand on the bent knee and swivel slowly round without lowering your shoulders.

Exercise 7

  • Look forward
  • Lift your buttocks
  • Stretch both legs out as necessary

Place both hands on the chair in front of you, lift your buttocks, and then try to stretch your legs out while keeping your back straight.

Take Care Of Your Back

All our actions put demands on our spine and can affect it: who has not ended up ‘stuck’ after a wrong move? The exercises will preserve your back if you perform them as per the coach’s instructions. But the best prevention is to strengthen your abdominal muscles and upper limbs. Feel free to swim regularly (including the crawl or backstroke) for a stronger back.

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