Jogging or Walking

Regular jogging or walking two to three times per week is recommended. Ideally, you should alternate between the exercises of walking and a very slow jog. The total duration of this first part of the JAMES® exercise programme may vary between 15 minutes when you first start the programme and extend to 30 or even 40 minutes as you get fitter and more used to exercising on a regular basis. 

Check your heart rate as you exercise with a heart rate monitor. Remember, it must be a light effort and in no case exhausting for your body. It will relax you mentally and improve your endurance by burning your adipose tissue (fat).

General Information

  • Minimum period 15–30 minutes
  • Heart rate maintained within the recommended limit for your age
  • Use a heart rate monitor
  • Be regular – exercise at least two to three times per week

Good Practice

Buy good shoes! Whether hiking or jogging, get advice on buying good shoes and do not confuse ‘fashion’ shoes and true sports shoes. Cover your head against the cold or the sun and choose clothing that you can open or take off if you get hot. Use well-maintained roads or paths, and if jogging or walking at night, ensure that these are well lit.

If you feed good, accelerate your speed for 1–2 minutes, then resume your normal walking pace. Walking or jogging in small bursts makes the heart work more when it is pressed closer to the recommended limit for your age. This is done one to three times, at the end of the outing, and if the sensations are good, for 60 seconds, with 3 minutes of recovery between accelerations.

Remember to gradually increase the length of your jogs or walks and do not overestimate your strength, especially if you walk in isolated places.

Jog Or Walk In A Group

Jogging or Walking in small groups gives the assurance of not feeling the time pass, discovering the paths of others and having conversations, as long as the group walks at a pace that will not be too calm or too strenuous for you. 

Exercising with others who are following the same programme as you, if possible with a coach, also ensures you will maintain good pace, especially when it comes to speeding up or running for a few minutes in small bursts.

New Rambles

If you have caught the walking bug, do not risk apathy by taking the same route every day. Why not schedule a ramble further away, in new areas? Check with your local council or a hiking club to find out about the marked trails. In fact, why not join a club?


Cycling is good for the legs, heart and morale. However it requires taking some precautions: a heart rate monitor is recommended, going out alone or in isolated areas is discouraged, and it is better to carry water, a piece of fruit and a mobile phone, just in case. You must wear a helmet and gloves. Do not overestimate your strength: you have to get home!

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