Keep On Track: Introducing The MyFeel+ Wellness Tracker

Regular exercise, eating well and looking after your general wellbeing are the core components of the Feel+® Programme for good reason; they are proven to have a positive impact on the overall health of men who are receiving hormonal therapy for prostate cancer.

To help keep men following the Programme motivated and on track, we have launched the MyFeel+ Wellness Tracker; this aims to provide ongoing support between scheduled appointments to receive hormonal therapy.

The MyFeel+ Wellness Tracker is a personalised web-based app that is being developed to provide complementary support to men who are following the Feel+® Programme.

Two versions of the Tracker have been made available: one for patients and one for the healthcare professionals or other people who care for them.

The patient version of the Tracker will allow you to:

  • Plan exercises and log the physical activities that you do
  • Diarise the food you eat and get tips on healthy eating
  • Regularly assess and monitor how well you are feeling generally
  • Record all your test results in one easy-to-access location
  • Connect and share information with your healthcare provider or carer

The healthcare professional or carer version of the Tracker will allow them to see:

  • The information that you invite them to view, such as how often you are exercising and what types of foods you are eating
  • Progress charts showing how you are doing over time
  • Healthcare professionals can also invite their other patients following the Programme to set up their own version of the Tracker.

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